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About The Storyteller

  • The Storyteller is real life radio... authentic, direct, and personal
  • Features Native North Americans sharing their personal stories of faith in Jesus Christ
  • True life stories told by the people who have lived them
  • On the air since 2002
  • Heard in 400 communities in North America
  • Aired on First Nations broadcasting networks
  • Quarter-hour format (14:30) for weekly broadcast
  • Available through Amb-OS, FTP*, RSS Feed, or Website

Sample Broadcast Programs

Storyteller Content Emphasis

Gary Quequish - Oji-Cree Angry young man has powerful, life-changing encounter with God 14:30
Karen Garreau - Lakota A story of Godís love, Victory over hate, depression, suicide 14:30
Eddie Lindsey - Creek The Turtle Story and how it relates to our lives 14:30
Molly Littlejohn - Cherokee Alcohol had a grip on her, but God set her free 14:30
Larry Tsingine - Navajo An elder who tells it like it is... and he's right 14:30
George Olsen - Aleut Born and raised in Alaska - He took a stand early in life 14:30
Velma Memnuk - Cree An elder recalls the impact her mother had in her life 14:30
Rick Burnette - Lumbee God radically changes an angry young man 14:30

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